[Japan]LINE Ads Platform Introduces New Option "Re-Engagement" to Reactivate Dormant App Users

2018.04.10 ALL

● Boosts app relaunch rate by serving ads to "dormant" users who have stopped using an app they have installed


TOKYO – April 10, 2018 – "Re-Engagement," a new advertising option has been launched for the LINE Ads Platform, the performance-based ad platform for the LINE messaging app and related services operated by LINE Corporation.


The LINE Ads Platform went into full-scale operation in June 2016 when it started distributing ads to LINE Timeline and LINE NEWS. Since then, distribution has expanded to include LINE Manga and LINE BLOG, and more than 4,000 businesses and brands are using the service as of the end of January 2018.


The latest Re-Engagement option is intended to reactive dormant app users. 


80% of app users become dormant within three days after installation

According to mobile analytics provider Quettra, after an app is installed from Google Play, the average retention is 50% after one day, 20% after three days, and 10% after 30 days. As for new users acquired each day, around 80% of them will be dormant within three days after installation.


To help tackle this problem, the new Re-Engagement option provides advertisers with a means to approach and reactivate dormant users who used to be interested in their app at one point. LINE recognizes the value of dormant users to businesses and brands in that they are already interested in the business or brand to a certain level. Therefore, the latest line-up of ad options allows advertisers to reactivate dormant users in addition to acquiring new users, thus maximizing in-app sales efficiently and continuously.


The Re-Engagement option targets an app’s dormant users, and serves ads to the LINE Ads Platform ad locations in order to encourage them to reopen the app.


Through its various services, LINE is devoted to continuing to be a valuable touch point of information for both businesses and users, and explore new and diverse ways to be useful as a communication infrastructure.



What is the LINE Ads Platform?

The LINE Ads Platform is a performance-based ad platform for services related to the LINE messaging app operated by LINE Corporation. The service went into full-scale operation in June 2016 when it started distributing ads to LINE Timeline and LINE NEWS. Since its launch, the platform has been used by approximately 4,000 businesses and brands (as of the end of January 2018) and, in October 2017, LINE MANGA was added as an ad space.

Advertisers use a special admin panel to set the details (including budget, time period, user attributes, and creatives) and make bids, and the LINE Ads Platform system chooses an ad and shows it to users. By switching to a performance-based ad system, many more businesses are now able to post ads, which they were previously unable to due to limitations on the numbers of slots, or for budgetary reasons. Further, since advertisers can monitor their ad displays, their effects, and other details as they operate their ads, they can conduct promotions with limited budgets and distribute ads to fit sales prospects, goal achievement rates, and more.


For more information on the LINE Ads Platform, please contact: lap_req@linecorp.com

・ LINE Ads Platform official website (Japanese only): http://lap.linemk.com