[Global]LINE and Intertrust to Hold the 3rd "LINE and Intertrust Security Summit"

2018.03.22 ALL

Keynote speeches by Clarence Chio, Wu Kuo-wei, and more planned


TOKYO - March 22, 2018 - LINE Corporation ("LINE") and Intertrust Technologies Corporation ("Intertrust") will team up to hold a third "LINE and Intertrust Security Summit" at the LINE headquarters on May 17. The goal of the conference is to provide tech updates and hold open discussions on the latest in security and user privacy protection.

3rd "LINE and Intertrust Security Summit"

Official website: https://www.intertrust.com/company/events/2018-spring-line-summit/

Sign-up website: https://feedback.line.me/enquete/public/2787-qgj86hzp


Based on the shared understanding that creating trusted end-points and trusted services is a vital issue facing the future infrastructures that will be supported by technologies such as AI, IoT, and robotics, LINE and Intertrust teamed up to host two conferences last year. The first, "LINE and Intertrust Security Summit: Exploring Technologies for Trusted Apps and Services," was held in May at LINE’s headquarters in Tokyo, and the second, "LINE and Intertrust Security Summit: Examining the State of Trust in the Digital Age," was held in November at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco. Both summits analyzed the trends driving the evolution of the IT environment and technology, while industry, academic, and government experts brought attention to the relationship between security/privacy and access to data and presented research, technology, and market trends on security and policymaking.


The theme of this third summit will be "Data without Borders: Global Threats to Security and User Privacy." Invitations have been sent to experts and professionals active in respective fields, and lectures and panel discussions that are planned call attention to the dueling dimensions of "solving security problems through data analysis" and "user privacy and data." Wu Kuo-Wei (Director of Chunghwa Telecom and former board member of ICANN) of Taiwan has been invited to deliver a keynote speech. The event will also be joined by Clarence Chio, security and data analyst expert and author of "Machine Learning and Security" (published by O'Reilly Media). Other lectures are also planned, including those by the following experts.


・ Tatsuya Harada (Professor, Tokyo University)

・ Kanta Matsuura (Professor, Tokyo University)

・ Kanatoko (Tadashi Satoh) (Security Engineer, Bitforest Co., Ltd.)

・ Kenji Aiko (Security Engineer, LINE Corporation)

・ Tomas Sander (Senior Research Scientist, Intertrust)


Updates will be made to the official website as more information on the program becomes available.

Those interested in attending the Summit may register at the sign-up website provided above. Only those who have pre-registered may attend.



About Intertrust Technologies Corporation:

Intertrust provides trusted computing products and services to leading global corporations - from mobile and CE manufacturers and service providers to enterprise software platform companies. These products include the world’s leading digital rights management, software tamper resistance and privacy-driven data platforms for AdTech, DNA storage, and IoT.


Founded in 1990, Intertrust is based in Silicon Valley, with regional offices in London, Tokyo, Seoul and Beijing. The Company has a legacy of invention, and its fundamental contributions in the areas of computer security and digital trust are globally recognized. Intertrust holds hundreds of patents that are key to Internet security, trust, and privacy management components of operating systems, trusted mobile code and networked operating environments, web services, and cloud computing.


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