[Japan]LINE Little Knights Launches Today, Bringing Casual Strategy Simulation Gameplay to Select Countries

2018.03.13 LINE Games

 ● Make full use of various tactics to attack and defend towns, and band together with friends to battle in real time!


TOKYO – March 13, 2018 – "LINE Little Knights," the newest casual strategy simulation game to come to the LINE Games service operated by LINE Corporation ("LINE"), launches today in select countries.



LINE Little Knights official website: https://littleknights.game.line.me/ (Japanese only) 


LINE Little Knights is a casual strategy simulation game featuring the familiar cast of LINE characters. Starting on February 2, 2018, a pre-registration campaign was launched in Japan and several select countries, resulting in a total of 1,360,000 users registering worldwide – 670,000 of which were from Japan. Highly anticipated by users the world over, LINE Little Knights launches simultaneously to all supported regions today.


Everyone gets a special pre-registration reward!

As a reward for exceeding 500,000 pre-registrants in Japan, all players who log in to LINE Little Knights during the following period will receive 150 Gacha Tickets, 175 Rubies, and 3,000 Moonstones.

Period: Launch to 4:00 am on April 13, 2018 (GMT+9)


Login event commemorating the launch underway

Players who log in to LINE Little Knights during this commemorative login event will receive some exciting items to get their game off to a running start. This event will run for only 14 days starting today, so don't miss out!

Period: Launch to 4:00 am on March 27, 2018 (GMT+9)



Day 1: 5 Gacha Tickets

Day 2: 5 "Brown's House" Basic Building Cards

Day 3: 5 "Cannon" Defense Building Cards

Day 4: 5 Gacha Tickets

Day 5: 5 "Brown's Vault" Basic Building Cards

Day 6: 5 "Archer Tower" Defense Building Cards

Day 7: 100 Rubies

The cycle will start over from day 8, and players who log in will receive the rewards from day 1 and so on.


Take advantage of Full Moon Events and upgrade cards! 

During a Full Moon Event – held weekly from 9 am on Saturday to 4 am on the following Monday (GMT+9) – any Friend Points and Moonstones acquired in battles will be doubled. These Friend Points and Moonstones can be used to open Gacha Chests. Players are encouraged to open as many Gacha Chests as they can during Full Moon Events to power up their "unit" and "building" cards.


[Coming Soon] Take on the Story Mode Challenge Event for even more Rubies!

A Story Mode Challenge Event will be held wherein players who clear the hard mode of story mode chapter one during the event will gain access to five difficult Special Stages. Players are rewarded with Rubies for each Special Stage they clear and, upon clearing all of the Special Stages, have a random chance of receiving a large supply of Rubies. These Special Stages are particularly difficult, so players will want to level up to get themselves ready for the event.

Period: March 22, 2018 to April 4, 2018


Under its corporate mission "Closing the Distance," LINE Corporation will continue to develop a variety of engaging and innovative content through LINE Games and its other services to bring users even closer together.


About LINE Little Knights

Make full use of various tactics to attack and defend towns, and band together with friends to battle in real time!

LINE Little Knights is a casual strategy simulation game featuring the familiar LINE characters. As the Order of the Moon, players use strategy and magic to topple Antone, the disciple of darkness, and bring peace back to the world.

The rules are simple: Use strategy in both offensive battles, where players attack towns under Antone's control to defeat the enemy, and in defensive battles where they defend their own town. By repeating battles, players can free towns under Antone's control, raise various levels, and become an even more powerful order. Players can also engage in team battles of up to 3 vs. 3 players.


Title: LINE Little Knights

Supported devices: iPhone and Android

Genre: Casual strategy simulation game

Supported languages: Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Korean, English

Supported regions: Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macao

Launch: March 13, 2018

Cost: Free-to-play (offers in-app purchases)

Planner, developer, and operator: LINE Corporation

Copyright: © LINE Corporation

Official website: https://littleknights.game.line.me/ (Japanese only) 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LINE_LK_JP (Japanese only) 


App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/id1247341012(Japanese only) 

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.linecorp.LGKD


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