[Japan]Pre-Registration Starts Today for “LINE Little Knights” – LINE’s Newest Strategy Simulation Game

2018.02.14 Game

● Join the Order of the Moon in their fight against Antone, the disciple of darkness!

● Those who pre-register can receive a limited edition Giant Sally LINE sticker set


TOKYO – February 2, 2018 – “LINE Little Knights,” the newest casual strategy simulation game to come to the LINE Games service operated by LINE Corporation (“LINE”), opens up for pre-registration today.


LINE Little Knights official website: https://littleknights.game.line.me/

Pre-registration website: https://littleknights.game.line.me/pre_event/


Use strategy to attack and defend towns! Battle together with friends in real time!

LINE Little Knights is a casual strategy simulation game starring the familiar LINE characters. As the Order of the Moon, players use strategy and magic to topple Antone, the disciple of darkness, and bring peace back to the world.

The rules are simple: Use strategy in both offensive battles, where players attack towns under Antone’s control to defeat the enemy, and in defensive battles where they defend their own town. By repeating battles, players can free towns under Antone’s control, raise various levels, and become an even more powerful order.


● Overthrow towns under Antone’s control!

1. Summon units with a tap of a finger

Summon a variety of units depending on the course of battle, including warriors, archers, and magicians. Simply tap on a location to summon units one by one, and they’ll automatically start attacking the town. Different unit combinations make various exciting fighting tactics possible. Also, by destroying the buildings in towns, players can acquire the Minerals they need to summon units.

Lastly, players can power up their units by racking up victories and collecting Moonstones, Rubies, and Cards.


2. Use magic to support attacks

Players can support their units’ attacks with magic spells that become available over time. Spell types include heal, attack, aid, and more. By using Oracles that have the power to affect all that goes on in a battle, players can wipe out their enemy in an impressive performance.


● Have team battles with friends in real time!

Players can also engage in team battles of up to 3 vs. 3 players. They can also join in their friends’ battles to help each other out to secure victory. By working together, this opens up possibilities to defeat even stronger enemies. As players win battles and advance in the leagues, their Order will become even more powerful!


● Build a unique town!

The key to winning is to not only go on attacks, but also reinforce one’s own town so that it can withstand enemy assaults. Players can rearrange artillery, waterways, Brown’s house, and other various weapons and buildings to create their own unique town. They can also enjoy watching town dwellers such as Brown and Moon bustling about.



Everyone’s favorite LINE characters appear as in-game units, bravely serving in the Order of the Moon. Each unit has its own special set of skills, so players are encouraged to dispatch them strategically according to the course of battle. Also, look out for original characters unique to LINE Little Knights!



1000 years have passed since the Moon disappeared from Hegeria, and few remember the pure light that once illuminated the world nightly.

But the nights would grow darker still. One day, Antone, the disciple of darkness, turned his malevolent attention toward the Hegerian continent.


The Kingdom of the Moon, Ecliss, became embroiled in the fires of war.

Lina, princess of the besieged kingdom, managed to escape from the palace.


She would be fated to revive the Order of the Moon and lead a band of knights on a mission to free Hegeria.

But can Lina and her friends really save the world from Antone’s dark grasp?



Pre-registration starts today!

Pre-registration for LINE Little Knights opens up today. Players will receive Gacha Tickets and useful gameplay items (Rubies and Moonstones) depending on the number of pre-registrants. The presents get even more impressive as more people register, so everyone is encouraged to sign up! The registration prize will be awarded to all users upon logging in to LINE Little Knights after launch. Don’t pass this opportunity up!


[Registration Period]

February 1, 2018 to the day before service launch


[How to Pre-Register]

- Friend the LINE Little Knights Official Account (LINE ID: @littleknights_jp)

Note: Blocking or unfollowing the account will void the pre-registration.



Over 50,000 pre-registrants: 15 Gacha Tickets and 20 Rubies 

Over 100,000 pre-registrants: 30 Gacha Tickets and 40 Rubies 

Over 150,000 pre-registrants: 45 Gacha Tickets and 60 Rubies 

Over 200,000 pre-registrants: 60 Gacha Tickets, 70 Rubies, and 1,000 Moonstones

Over 300,000 pre-registrants: 90 Gacha Tickets, 110 Rubies, and 1,500 Moonstones

Over 400,000 pre-registrants: 120 Gacha Tickets, 140 Rubies, and 2,000 Moonstones


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About LINE Little Knights

Title: LINE Little Knights

Supported devices: iPhone and Android

Genre: Casual strategy simulation game

Supported languages: Japanese/English/Bahasa Indonesia/Traditional-Chinese/Korean/Thai

Supported regions: Japan/Taiwan/Thailand/Indonesia

Service launch: Spring 2018 (tentative)

Cost: Free-to-play (offers in-app purchases)

Planner, developer, and operator: LINE Corporation

Copyright: © LINE Corporation


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