[Japan]Town-building & One-tap Puzzle Game“LINE Pokopang Town” Launched!

2017.12.14 Game

TOKYO – December 14, 2017 – LINE Corporation has released the “LINE Pokopang Town” game on its gaming service, LINE Games.

LINE Pokopang Town official website: https://pokopangtown.game.line.me/ 


Players revitalize a desolate town by playing puzzles in this town-building and simple, one-tap puzzle game!

LINE Pokopang Town – the latest title in the “Pokopang” series, which has reached over 60 million cumulative downloads worldwide – is a town-building and one-tap puzzle game where players collect Stars and materials as they play the game to rebuild a town. This highly-anticipated game has now been officially released after 780,000 players registered for the game since pre-registration opened up on November 27, 2017.


Everyone gets a special gift!

As a reward for having exceeded 500,000 pre-registrants, all players who log in to LINE Pokopang Town will receive 1,500 Coins as well as a “Normal Box” and “Special Box,” which contain items such as Clovers for playing stages and Deco materials to decorate the town.


Enjoy LINE Pokopang Town with friends on LINE!

LINE Pokopang Town’s in-game rankings show friends of users who are also playing the game, allowing players to send Clovers to each other. Players who do not see their friends in the ranking are encouraged to invite their LINE friends to play the game. For every friend invited, players will receive a Clover and 50 Coins and, depending on the number of invitations sent, can even receive boxes or Gems. By sending out invitations, players can experience LINE Pokopang together with friends.


[Friend Invite Rewards]

10 invitations: Normal  Box

20 invitations: Play-for-30-minute Clover

50 invitations: Receive 10 Gems and Play-for-30-minute Clover


If players advance the in-game “Hobby Time,” they will receive “Stamps” where they can combine original text with pictures of Boni and friends. The first time players share this Stamp to their LINE Timeline, they will receive two free Gems. This is a great opportunity for players!


Twitter campaign to be held to commemorate the launch where exciting prizes await 609 winners!

To commemorate the launch of LINE Pokopang Town, a Twitter campaign will be held where 203 winners each week (609 winners in total) will receive exciting prizes. All users need to do to enter is retweet a designated tweet from the LINE Pokopang Town official Twitter account. Please note that this campaign will run for three consecutive weeks, with the prizes changing weekly.


[How to Enter]

1. Follow the official LINE Pokopang Town Twitter account (https://twitter.com/line_pktown_jp) (Japanese only)

2. Retweet the designated tweet



● First Round – From 11:00 am on December 18, 2017 to 10:59 am on December 25, 2017 (GMT+9)

・ Panasonic: Steamer NanoCare W Hot/Cold Esthetic EH-CSA98-P (3 winners)

・ Amazon gift card worth JPY 500 (200 winners)


● Second Round – From 11:00 am on December 25, 2017 to 10:59 am on January 1, 2018 (GMT+9)

・ iRobot Roomba 890 (3 winners)

・ QUO card worth JPY 500 (200 winners)


● Third Round – From 11:00 am on January 1, 2018 to 10:59 am on January 8, 2018 (GMT+9)

・ BALMUDA “The Rain” Humidifier ERN-1100UA-WK (3 winners)

・ Häagen-Dazs mini cup voucher worth JPY 682 (200 winners)

* Each ticket can be exchanged for two (2) Häagen-Dazs mini cups


Under its corporate mission “Closing the Distance,” LINE Corporation will continue to develop a variety of engaging and innovative content through LINE Games and its other services to bring users even closer together.


About LINE Pokopang Town

Players revitalize a desolate town by playing puzzles in this town-building and simple, one-tap puzzle game!

LINE Pokopang Town is a town-building and one-tap puzzle game where players collect Stars and materials as they play the game to rebuild a town. The rules are simple: just tap the screen where two or more blocks of the same color touch. Players receive Stars for completing stage-specific missions, and these Stars are used to rebuild and revitalize the desolate town. As players advance through the game and complete missions, they can revamp the town to make it even more charming than it was before! What’s more, as the story progresses, more areas will open up and players may even come across new residents! Players will work together with the main character Boni and his follower Mayuji to rebuild the town.


About the Pokopang Series

The Pokopang series consists of the smartphone game apps “LINE Pokopang” and “LINE PokoPoko,” released on LINE Games. The series has achieved 60 million cumulative downloads worldwide, and its uniquely colorful and appealing in-game characters, such as the main character Boni, have been used in a wide variety of places, including tie-up cafes and products. LINE Pokopang Town joins as the third title in the Pokopang series.

Title: LINE Pokopang Town

Supported devices: iPhone and Android

Genre: A town-building and one-tap puzzle game

Supported language: Japanese

Supported region: Japan

Service launch: December 13, 2017

Cost: Free-to-play (contains in-app purchases)

Developer: Treenod Inc.

Operator: LINE Corporation

Copyright: Published by LINE © Treenod Inc.

LINE Official Account (LINE ID): @linepokopangtown (Japanese only) 

App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/id1264947230 

Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.linecorp.LGPKV 



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