[Japan]LINE Launches Smart Speaker ‘Clova WAVE’

2017.10.05 LINE App

TOKYO – October 5, 2017 – LINE Corporation on Thursdays officially launched its smart speaker Clova WAVE in Japan, powered by LINE’s innovative AI assistant Clova.


Clova WAVE official website: https://clova.ai/ja

To purchase: https://www.linefriends.jp/exhibition/30253



Developed by LINE Corporation, Clova is an AI assistant that leverages the content and services from both LINE, the top messaging platform in Asia and Japan, and NAVER, Korea’s No. 1 search portal. The trial version of Clova WAVE – which started on July 14, bundled with LINE MUSIC, a music service that allows users to listen to over 40 million tracks – sold out quickly and received much positive feedback.


The official version of Clova WAVE launches at the price of JPY14,000 (tax included), and is available on the Clova official website, Amazon and Rakuten. To celebrate this official launch, there is also a special bundle of Clova WAVE and LINE MUSIC available until Jan. 31, 2018. With the Clova WAVE + LINE MUSIC set, Clova WAVE’s price is reduced to JPY12,800 and includes a 12 month subscription to LINE MUSIC (valued at JPY960 per month). Additional sales channels will be added in the future.


(Note: People purchasing the set need to activate their LINE MUSIC account by March 1, 2018. In addition, Rakuten does not offer the Clova WAVE + LINE MUSIC set.)


The trial version of Clova WAVE has already expanded its services beyond human voice commands, adding features such as fortune-telling, news reading, and a TV remote control function via infrared controller. Now, with the official launch of Clova WAVE, even more functions have been added: the ability to read and send LINE messages via dedicated talk group (the family account), as well as the ability to carry out a casual, naturalistic conversation with Clova, rather than simply asking one question at a time.


For those who purchased the Clova WAVE trial version, these new features can be installed with a simple software update.


Looking ahead, LINE will continue to diversify the range of content available for Clova WAVE, including radio services via radiko Co. Ltd., navigation services provided by Val Laboratory Corporation, train information via Rescuenow Inc., and children’s audio books by I-FREEK MOBILE Inc. In addition, Clova WAVE will expand functions that enrich its users’ daily lives, such as voice recognition, voice translation, calendar management, memos, shopping and delivery, and calling taxis.


Through Clova, LINE is aiming to create a world in which AI seamlessly blends into every device, scenario and environment. As LINE strives to fulfill its corporate mission of "Closing the Distance," Clova will help bring users closer than ever to the information, services and people in their lives.


 Clova WAVE Specs

Product Name

Clova WAVE


86.25 x 139.84 x 201.05 mm


998g (w/o Package)


RAM 1GB DDR3, Internal storage 8GB eMMC


Wi-Fi 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n
Bluetooth 4.1


5000mAh /3.8V


2.5" 20W Woofer(x1)
1“ 5W Tweeter(x2)


Qualcomm APQ8009 (Quad-core A7, 1.3GHz)

Audio codec

Conexant 4-mic Far Field Voice Input Processor


MEMS type (x4)

Supported OS

Android 4.4 or above / iOS 9.0 or above

Supported Languages







Official version: JYP14,000 (tax included) 

Clova WAVE + LINE MUSIC set: JPY12,800 (tax included)


Note: Specifications are subject to change. A LINE ID and the dedicated LINE Clova app are required to use Clova WAVE. The LINE Clova app supports Android 4.4 and iOS 9.0 or above. Usage registration can be performed by connecting to Clova WAVE from the LINE Clova app.