LINE DEVELOPER DAY 2017 Spotlights Clova, LINE API Expert and More

2017.09.28 ALL

  • ● Engineers get insights into LINEs cloud AI platform, new expert accreditation system, and Messaging API
  • ● New Kyoto developer base announced, coming spring 2018


TOKYO – September 28, 2017 – LINE Corporation today held LINE DEVELOPER DAY 2017, a special event for engineers that highlighted the companys technology-related advances, strategies and other plans. 



LINE DEVELOPER DAY is an annual tech conference hosted by LINE to communicate with engineers about the companys various services. All told, 39 sessions were held on a wide range of topics, including the LINE messenger app, the Clova cloud AI platform, the LINE Messaging API, LINE API Expert accreditation system, and the new LINE Kyoto developer base due to launch in spring 2018. 


Clova updates and Clova API 

The LINE DEVELOPER DAY keynote examined Clova, or Cloud Virtual Assistant,” exploring the structure of LINEs new AI technology. That presentation talked about the development of Clova-equipped products, such as WAVE – which is already on the market in a pre-launch version – and the CHAMP smart speakers, which feature designs based on our official characters, as well as a joint project with a partner company. LINE also said that it is planning to release Clova Interface Connect and Clova Extension Kit some time in 2018, which will make it possible for external engineers and third parties to develop products utilizing Clova technology.   


Messaging API helps development of chatbots 

LINE DEVELOPER DAY 2017 looked at the current state of LINEs Messaging API, which was announced at last years DEVELOPER DAY. Since then, many third-party developers have explored LINEs chatbot API for themselves, setting up more than 130,000 chatbot accounts and exchanging more than 10 billion messages with approximately 2 billion friends (as of the end of August 2017). 

The Messaging API is constantly being updated for engineers, service providers and users, so they can utilize it more conveniently. For instance, a Rich Menu API will be added soon, allowing developers to control the size and layout of rich menus (a function that allows users to send text or URLs by tapping an image), and whether a rich menu will appear on the LINE talk screen. 


LINE API Expert accreditation system 

LINE also announced a new program called LINE API Expert, to help develop third-party engineers and others who can expand upon the LINE platform. LINE API Expert is an accreditation system to certify and support external engineers who have demonstrated strong skills utilizing LINEs APIs.

Those seeking to be certified as a LINE API Expert can submit an application presenting their experience in a variety of activities, such as giving presentations, disseminating information in social media and on blogs, and giving feedback regarding API/SDK. LINE will support certified API Experts by providing pre-release beta versions of products and offering certain services for free. 

Full details of this program will be announced later when application site is launched.  


LINE to launch developer base in Kyoto next spring

Another announcement at LINE DEVELOPER DAY 2017 is the launch of LINE Kyoto, a developer base coming in spring 2018. In addition to developing products and services, LINE Kyoto will provide a space for local engineers and tech students to interact with LINE engineers and gain expertise. 

LINE will hold an event titled LINE Developer Meetup in Kyoto No. 1 on October 20 to help lay the groundwork for LINE Kyoto and to encourage engineers to be a part of this exciting new venture. A website announcing job openings and related events at this new location is launching today: only at this time)

For more information about LINE DEVELOPER DAY 2017, including details about the individual sessions, check out our official website: 


You can also see many of the presentation decks from the DEVELOPER DAY sessions here:     



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