【LINE】LINE Ads Platform Begins Full-Scale Operations in Taiwan

2017.03.01 LINE

TOKYO – March 1, 2017 – LINE Corporation announced on Wednesday that LINE Ads Platform, the company’s performance-based ad distribution platform, has commenced full-scale operations in Taiwan.

LINE launched testing of LINE Ads Platform in Taiwan on some Timeline ad space on December 12, 2016, and since then has monitored usage trends while increasing the frequency and ratio of performance-based ad distribution. With the launch of full-scale operations, all ads on Taiwan’s Timeline feature will be done using LINE Ads Platform. (Note: Taiwan’s LINE TODAY news feature does not support LINE Ads Platform at this time). 


LINE Ads Platform began testing in Japan in 2015, and launched full-scale operations there in June 2016. With 66 million monthly active users (MAUs) in Japan, LINE has been able to present LINE Ads Platform as a comprehensive marketing platform for connecting companies with consumers. 


By increasing the advertising volume that can be distributed on LINE Ads Platform, companies are able to conduct their marketing activities on LINE more effectively. Moving forward, the LINE Ads Platform will continue to expand its coverage in Japan and Taiwan and its availability in other regions. 



About LINE Ads Platform:

With LINE Ads Platform’s performance-based distribution system, companies are able to enjoy a greater range of advertising opportunities, and monitor the ad results conveniently and effectively. Companies looking to place ads can use a dedicated admin screen to register their budgets, campaign duration, desired user demographics, and more. Ads are systematically selected and displayed to users via the LINE Ads Platform.