【LINE】LINE Ads Platform Begins Trial of Performance-Based Ads in Taiwan

2016.12.12 LINE App

Tokyo, Japan – December 12, 2016 – LINE users in Taiwan will begin receiving performance-based ads today as part of a trial test by the LINE Ads Platform, a performance-based ad distribution platform from LINE Corporation.

As the ad distribution platform for LINE and LINE-related services, the LINE Ads Platform has already commenced full-scale operation in Japan, undertaking ad display tests on the LINE Timeline back in 2015, and implementing a performance-based ad listing system and distributing ads within LINE NEWS in June 2016. The platform now, as of November 30, welcomes support from more than 600 companies and brands. 


Leveraging its strong and active user base of 68 million users in Japan, LINE has been promoting itself as a comprehensive marketing platform for connecting companies with consumers within its home country. The LINE Ads Platform is also looking to expand its ad coverage to LINE and LINE-related service outside of Japan, leading to the distribution of Timeline Ads (traditional advertisements) in Taiwan, another market where LINE boasts the leading market share among messaging apps. A portion of that Timeline will now, under the current pilot test, display performance-based ads via LINE Ads Platform technologies.

*1: During the test period, LINE will only allow participation and ad distribution by select advertising agencies.


The LINE Ads Platform will be continually expanding ad spaces and ad volumes as it prepares for full-scale operation in Taiwan.


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