LOOKS Makeup Camera App Released

2016.10.04 LINE App

Take Selfies with Realistic-Looking, Virtually Applied Makeup

Try out New Products from CLINIQUE and 3CE


Tokyo, Japan – October 4, 2016 – LOOKS, a “Real Makeup Camera” that allows users to virtually play with a variety of makeup styles, was released today by LINE Corporation. 


LOOKS Official Site: http://looks.line.me



LOOKS is a makeup camera app with which users can play to try out realistic-looking makeup at any time. Users can choose from 33 different makeup filters that will create an instant look nearly indistinguishable from real makeup. Makeup thickness can be finely adjusted from 0-100%, enabling users to customize and create their own perfect look.


Users can also try out real products on the market from popular brands like CLINIQUE and 3CE using Brand Filters. Actual products have been faithfully recreated, with careful detail paid to eyeliner, lip stick and gloss, mascara, foundation, blush and all other fine elements of makeup that comprise a beauty look. With LOOKS, users can try out new products or give themselves a makeover in a style that is different from their usual look. Furthermore, if they find a product they like, they can buy it instantly. LOOKS also plans to add more popular cosmetic brands in the future.


The app is also full of various other beauty-enhancing features, such as facial contouring, skin softening, and eye-size adjustments, which can be tweaked to five different levels.


By giving users an opportunity to encounter various cosmetic brands and new looks through various filters, LOOKS is providing a stage for users to discover the best way to make their beauty shine through. 


Overview of LOOKS Major Features

Realistic-Looking Makeup with Makeup Filters

LOOKS accurately recognizes movements and parts of the face, allowing users to take natural-looking pictures with perfectly applied makeup. It is replete with 33 different filters (with one specialized for men) that can be adjusted for 1-100% thickness of application by swiping left or right on the screen. 


Try Out New and Popular Products from Popular Cosmetic Brands with Brand Filters

Users can play with new looks using new and popular products sold by popular cosmetic brands. Instantly try out recommended eyeliner, lip stick and gloss, mascara, foundation, blush and other products from popular brands. When users find a makeup product they like, they can buy it instantly. 


Other Edit Features Beyond Makeup

Facial contouring, skin softening, and eye-size adjustments can be tweaked to five different levels. Users can tweak these settings in conjunction with their makeup filter and hairstyle to create their ideal look. 


LOOKS Specifications

Supported devices: iPhone and Android

Supported languages: English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Thai

Supported regions: Global

Service began: September 19, 2016

Cost: Free

Developer/Operator: LINE Corporation

Copyright: ©LINE Corporation

App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/looks-real-makeup-camera/id1140040414

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.linecorp.looks.android