[LINE]LINE Begins Sales of "LINE Creators’ Themes" Created and Sold by Users

2016.04.26 LINE

5,000 Themes Registered in First Week


Tokyo, Japan – April 26, 2016 – LINE Corporation has announced that it has commenced sales today of themes in the "LINE Creators Market," enabling LINE users to create and sell their own LINE themes that change the overall look and design of the main LINE app.*1  

*1: Sales commenced in the LINE STORE (https://store.line.me/home/en). Sales in the in-app theme shop to commence in May. Purchased Creators’ Themes are supported by LINE Version 6.1.1 and above. Please update to the latest version of LINE. 


Creators’ Theme Sales Page in LINE STORE





With Creators' Themes, anybody who has a LINE account, whether individual or enterprise, can create LINE themes*2 which can be sold to LINE users all over the world through the LINE app's theme shop and LINE STORE (https://store.line.me/home/en). Creators’ Themes registration submission and screening commenced on April 20, 2016, and the number of submitted themes has already exceeded 5,000*3. With creators participating from not only Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and Indonesia, but 24 countries in total around the world, Creators’ Themes are looking to join Creators’ Stickers as a resounding global success.

*2: Theme creation requires up to 48 graphics (including different sizes for iOS and Android, and all required size variations). Creators must also complete registration (free) with the LINE Creators Market in order to sell themes and stickers.

*3: Includes themes that are being screened or that are awaiting screening.


Starting today, Creators will be able to release their self-created themes via the LINE Creators Market Account Manager screen. Released themes can be bought and sold on the LINE STORE (https://store.line.me/home/en), and presently (as of April 26 16:00 JST), more than 210 themes are available. Theme prices can be set by the creator at 150 Coins, 200 Coins or 250 Coins using in-app currency, or, in the case of Japan, at JPY 360, JPY 480, or JPY 600 (equivalent price levels selectable in the respective currencies of other regions). After App Store or Google Play handling fees (30%) are deducted, 50% of remaining revenue (35% of total sales) will be paid to the creator.*4

*4: The actual amount received will be the payment amount minus withholding taxes. Tax percentages will vary according to the countries in which the creator and purchaser reside. Details and schedule for payment deposits are listed in the FAQ on the LINE Creators Market My Page. 


Through LINE Creators Market, LINE aims to develop a participatory ecosystem where users can become creators. LINE will continue to move forward with its global platform as it strives to cement its position as an integral piece of smartphone-based communication for the world.



How to Buy Creators' Themes (PC and Smartphone)

1. Select Popular Creators’ Themes from the LINE STORE’s top page (https://store.line.me/home/en), or Creator’s Themes from the left menu


2. Move to the sales page for the theme you would like to buy and select Purchase

Note: You may also browse via the Popular or New lists. 

Send a friend a theme by selecting Send as a Gift.


3. Log into the LINE STORE

Note: Must complete email address registration in advance via the LINE App by going to Settings > Account.


4. Select your desired purchase method and complete your purchase


5. Select your purchased theme in the LINE app via More > Settings > Themes > Purchase History, then download and select it

Note: You may also use the download URL for a specific theme and purchase from there. 


About LINE Creators Market

LINE Creators Market is a platform through which users can sell LINE stickers they have created themselves. The sale of approved Creators' Stickers began in May 2014. Users have joined in the program from all over the world, and as of today, the Creators Market has grown to 520,000 registered creators, who have created over 230,000 sticker sets. Starting today, Creators’ Themes that change the overall look and design of the main LINE app are also now available for purchase.