【LINE】LINE Begins Providing 10,000 BOT API Trial Accounts Prior to Opening Up Access to Messaging API

2016.04.07 LINE App

Tokyo, Japan – April 7, 2016 – LINE Corporation announced today the start of free provision of BOT API Trial Accounts ahead of its plans to open up access to its messaging API later in the year. 

At the “LINE Conference Tokyo 2016” held on March 24, LINE announced plans for the strategic opening of the business platform on its communication app in order to make the wide variety of services provided by businesses over LINE more convenient, easier and more fun to use for users. As one part of this strategy, LINE will open up access to its messaging API to deepen real-time communication between users and companies and encourage the development of all kinds of new LINE accounts. 


Starting today, LINE will begin distributing 10,000 free BOT API Trial Accounts to third-party developers worldwide on a first-come-first-served basis. These accounts will allow developers to create bot accounts on LINE. Interested parties can register via the LINE Business Center (https://business.line.me/en), LINE’s new business portal site for managing LINE@ and LINE Login settings just launched today, to begin creating a bot account.


BOT API Trial Account holders will be able to link the systems and services developed by themselves or their company with a LINE account, and create a bot account that can send and receive API-driven messages. From synching with restaurant search or scheduling apps to provide notifications or issue coupons, or to synching with smart appliances and other hardware to make them operable via LINE, the creation and implementation of various accounts based on CRM and IoT concepts will give LINE users access to services and features that have never been available previously on LINE.

Please note that accounts developed with BOT API Trial Accounts will be capped at 50 friends. Account provision may be temporarily halted or terminated completely without warning in certain instances, such as when bugs occur.

Under its corporate mission “Closing the distance,” LINE will constantly develop new initiatives and systems for accelerating expansion and improving services as it strives not only to bring people closer to each other, but also to bring people closer to a wide variety of information, services and products.