[Corporate Announcement]LINE Establishes LINE Data Labs

2016.03.31 Corporate

Dedicated R&D Organization to Promote Machine Learning, AI and Big Data Research within LINE Services; Aiming to Become 50-Employee Organization within the Year


Tokyo, Japan – March 31, 2016 – LINE Corporation announced today that it has formed LINE Data Labs, a new development organization dedicated to the analysis and research of data related to LINE and all of its respective services. 


LINE Data Labs is a new R&D organization that integrates all of the data teams that previously existed on a service-by-service basis. With the establishment of LINE Data Labs, usage trend and other data will be accessible across service areas, allowing for more precise data analysis, information filtering and more effective data and information application. 


By performing advanced data analysis and machine learning within LINE and LINE-related services, LINE Data Labs will engage in creating automatic predictors for user attributes and interests that can then be used to refine content and ad distribution. LINE Data Labs will further apply this data analysis and machine learning to improve the operation of programmatic advertising, construct artificial intelligence (AI) and other data-driven systems, and improve the construction and operation of data integration platforms. LINE Data Labs is also looking to use its research in the machine learning, AI and big data fields to do its own internal development of new services. 

Note: Data used used for analysis and machine learning is limited to whether and when users used LINE or LINE-related services, corporate and celebrity Official Account registration information, and sticker purchase history. It does not include phone numbers, email addresses, address books, chats and other sensitive information. Predictions of attribute information are done statistically, and no identification of individual users is performed. No information that could be used to identify specific users is distributed to third parties and advertisers.


LINE Data Labs is actively recruiting data engineers, data scientists, data planners and other data professionals as it aims to become a 50-person-strong organization before the end of the year. 



LINE is always implementing new initiatives and establishing new systems and organizations to accelerate its business expansion and provide more convenient services to its users.