LINE Announces Plans to Introduce MVNO "LINE Mobile" This Summer

2016.03.24 LINE App

LINE Mobile Offers Unlimited Usage of LINE's Chat and Free Calling Features, Facebook, and Twitter,

Making Limitless Communication a Reality


Tokyo, Japan – March 24, 2016 – LINE Corporation announced today at "LINE Conference Tokyo 2016" its intent to start a new mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) called "LINE Mobile" this summer. 


According to data published by Nikkei BP Consulting, smartphone penetration in Japan stood at 49.7 percent in 2015*1, indicating that over half of the Japanese population still does not use a smartphone. In light of this data, LINE has decided to improve mobile infrastructure as an MVNO, connecting people and people, as well as people and content.

*1 Source: Nikkei BP Consulting "Field Study of Individual Usage of Mobile Phones and Smartphones 2015"


LINE Mobile Features

1. Unlimited Communication via LINE, Facebook, and Twitter

LINE Mobile brings together LINE, Facebook, and Twitter, all top 5 ranking apps in App Annie's "2015 Monthly Active User Rankings"*2 for iOS and Android, and offers unlimited use of those services' main features for free, making truly limitless communication between the MVNO's users a reality. LINE Mobile will offer unlimited browsing and posts on Facebook and Twitter, as well as unlimited use of LINE's Chat and Timeline features and free calls.

*2 Source: App Annie 2015 Retrospective Report


2. A Reliable Network and Affordable Price Plans – Unlimited LINE Plans Start at JPY 500 per Month

LINE Mobile utilizes NTT DoCoMo's cellular network, enabling rock-solid stability and affordable price plans. Plans are positioned to start at JPY 500 a month (excluding tax), with all plans to include unlimited use of LINE.


3. Various Optional Add-ons Available to Cater to Users' Needs

With the advent of more powerful mobile devices and data-intensive content such as videos and music, data charges have become of particular to concern to all, especially younger users. LINE Mobile attempts to alleviate this issue head on by not charging for streaming music and other types of popular content. Additionally, the MVNO is considering offering customer support via LINE Business Connect and awarding users with "LINE Points"*3 when paying their phone bills. LINE will release more detailed information upon commencement of service.

*3 Please refer to today's LINE Pay Card press release to find out more about "LINE Points."


LINE Corporation will continue to expand and improve its services in order to make communication for users around the world more convenient and enriching.