[LINE PLAY]Virtual Avatar Community App With Over 30 Million Users, Launches Major Update

2016.03.01 ALL

Five New Features Further Enhance LINE PLAY Service Including Pets and a VIP System to Reward Loyal Players


Tokyo, Japan – March 1, 2016 – LINE Corporation has announced a major update to LINE PLAY, its virtual avatar community app.



In LINE PLAY, users create customizable avatars and enjoy interacting with other users in a virtual avatar community. Since launching the service on November 21, 2012, LINE PLAY has amassed users not only from Japan but also from the U.S., Thailand, Taiwan, and beyond. On January 23, 2016, LINE PLAY became the world's largest avatar community space with over 30 million users.


This major update for LINE PLAY will bring 5 new features, including a VIP service and pets.


Achieve Higher Ranks by Logging in Every Day With the New VIP Service

A new VIP service has been introduced that offers greater rewards to users the more regularly they play LINE PLAY. By collecting a special point currency called "Stars," users can become VIPs, granting them more Gems, item storage space, discounts on animated Gacha, and the ability to receive a free copy of any item they gift to a friend from the Gift Shop. Also, VIP users gain access to exclusive content such as VIP Gacha, makeup items, expressive animated wing items, and "The Queen's Jewels" missions.


VIP ranks include Gold, Platinum, and Diamond, which come with increasing benefits. Users can increase their rank by logging in every day to receive Stars.


To celebrate the launch of the VIP service, every user who logs into LINE PLAY will be offered one free month as a VIP as part of the VIP Invitation initiative. Users will be able to experience all of the benefits of Gold rank VIP membership during this campaign. Furthermore, users who log in every day during the campaign will be able experience Platinum rank benefits as well.


Event period: March 1 to March 31 (GMT+9)

Open to: all LINE PLAY users



Make New Furry Friends

Adorable pets are now a part of LINE PLAY. Pets consist of a variety of 10 puppies and cats, which can be raised as pets in users' rooms. Each pet has their own favorite items which when placed in a user's room, will cause the pet to appear for a fixed amount of time. Users can cuddle a pet to raise its friendship level, receiving a present when its friendship level becomes full. Additionally, the pet will remain with the user as their very own permanent pet. Additional pets are planned for future updates.



Unlock the Secrets of the Curious Closets and Win Super Rare Items Every Day

The new Curious Closets yield Super Rare items every day. Users can unlock rare items by finding hidden hint items that Cherry has hid left and right. The puzzle changes on a regular basis, offering lots of fun replayability.



New Ultra Rare Items

New Ultra Rare items have been introduced, which are even more glamorous than previous Super Rare items. Ultra Rare items are more splendid than more common items, and come with large animated effects. They can be obtained from Gacha as well as the Curious Closets feature.



Highly Customizable Faces and New Makeup Items

Users can now change their faces to match their moods. Makeup items can be obtained and saved from Gacha and Curious Closets to easily change an avatar's face.



In addition to these new features, the Home screen has been redesigned with changing backgrounds based on the time of day, and numerous UI changes and quest conditions have been revised to improve usability and quality of life.


LINE Corporation will continue to develop a variety of engaging and innovative content for LINE PLAY and its other services to bring users even closer together.



Supported devices: Android, iPhone

Supported languages: Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), English, Japanese, Korean, Thai

Supported regions: Global

Service began: November 21, 2012

Cost: Free-to-play (offers in-app purchases)

Copyright: © LINE Corporation

App Store https://itunes.apple.com/app/id575147772

Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.naver.lineplay.android