【Corporate Announcement】LINE Announces CEO Transition

2015.03.31 Corporate

Tokyo, Japan – March 31, 2015 – LINE Corporation, owner and operator of the free call and messaging app LINE, today announced the transition of CEO Akira Morikawa to successor Takeshi Idezawa following the regular shareholder’s meeting that was held today. Current CEO Akira Morikawa will step down after fulfilling his term today, and Idezawa will transition from his current COO post to succeed Morikawa as of April 1.


In April 2014, a two representative directors system was introduced to handle management and operations separately and facilitate business expansion. As the CEO, Morikawa was mainly responsible for management and external communications. As the COO, Takeshi Idezawa was in charge of overall operations, including the LINE service. During the one year Idezawa served as COO, he introduced the “LIFE Platform Strategy” which aims for “LINE” to become an integral part of everyday life in an era where smartphones have evolved into an indispensable device for people all over the world. He also explored and developed new core businesses in areas such as O2O, EC, payment, media and entertainment.


Under Idezawa’s new leadership role, LINE will continue its “LIFE Platform Strategy”, enforce business development and innovation, and increase its global presence at an even faster pace in order to take LINE to the next stage.


Today, Morikawa was appointed as an advisor, and will continue to support the new CEO. 


1. Transition Details (as of April 1, 2015)



New Position (Previous Position)


Akira Morikawa


Advisor (Representative Director and CEO)


Takeshi Idezawa Representative Director and CEO (Representative Director and COO)


2. Biography of the New CEO

Name: Takeshi Idezawa

Representative Director and CEO of LINE Corporation 

Date of Birth: June 9, 1973


1996 Graduated from Waseda University. Joined Asahi Mutual Life Insurance Company.
2002 Joined Livin' on the EDGE Co., Ltd.
2003 Appointed as Senior Executive Vice President of Livin' on the EDGE Co., Ltd.
2007 April Appointed as CEO of livedoor, where he consolidated management.
2012 January Became director of NHN Japan, a company formed by the merger of group companies livedoor, NHN Japan, and Naver Japan.
2013 April Became director of LINE, renamed from NHN Japan.
2014 January Appointed as director and COO of LINE.
2014 April Appointed as representative director and COO of LINE (current position).
2015 April Officially appointed as CEO of LINE