【LINE】Announcing the Global Release of LINE@, the App that Lets Both Business and Personal Users Create LINE Official Accounts to Communicate and Promote Their Message

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Future Link-Up with LINE Pay will Establish a New Market on the LINE Platform


Tokyo, Japan – February 13, 2015 – LINE Corporation, owner and operator of the free call and messaging app LINE, has announced the release of LINE@, a new service that lets users create official accounts to communicate and promote both personal and business content.


In addition to the LINE@ service itself, the company has also announced the global release in 17 different languages of a new LINE@ exclusive app (free-to-use, supported on iPhone and Android devices), which allows users to obtain LINE@ accounts, send information, and manager their accounts.


LINE@ Official Website: http://at.line.me/en/ 


Besides the LINE Official Account service, which is targeted for use by corporations and famous personalities, LINE has been limited for use in closed communication among friends, family, and coworkers until now. LINE has now released a new serviced called LINE@ that lets both companies and individuals send messages for both business and personal communication-related purposes. 


The LINE@ service will greatly expand the potential of LINE, for example allowing stores and facilities, as well as brand, media, and online business operators to promote new information, communicate with clients and other business contacts, create service usage reservations, and more. Designs, artists, magazine models, and other freelance talent can also utilize the service to communicate with fans. The potential is truly limitless with LINE@.


The LINE@ app released today can be used to create and operate LINE@ accounts, and account holders can use the app to send batch messages to followers, engage in 1-on-1 chats with friended users, make posts to their Timeline and Home pages, and more (LINE users can, as always, friend LINE@ accounts through the LINE app, receive messages from friended accounts, etc.). In addition, LINE@ users can simultaneously create and hold multiple accounts, using each account for different purposes.


At the LINE Conference Tokyo 2014 held in October 2014, LINE went into details about its lifestyle-centered future strategy of surpassing the boundary between the online and offline worlds to become even closer to users’ lives, and the release of the new LINE@ service is one aspect of this strategy. LINE@ accounts will greatly expand the potential of LINE for use in a wide variety of situations, both personal and business-related. Furthermore, by linking LINE@ with the mobile money transfer and payment service LINE Pay, as well as mileage programs and other such systems, LINE aims to create new and deeper connections between a vast range of people, stores, organizations and more to engender new opportunities for communication and business.



LINE@ Overview

1. The LINE@ Exclusive App

LINE@ accounts can be obtained using the LINE@ exclusive app (free-to-use, supported on iPhone and Android devices).


Any LINE user can easily obtain an account by simply setting an account name, profile picture, account category and subcategory. LINE@ IDs include the random ID provided automatically at initial account application, as well as an optional Premium ID that lets those interested set their own IDs using alphanumerical characters for a reasonable fee※.

※The first year fee is 24USD, with each subsequent year requiring an additional 12USD. 


After obtaining an account, users can enjoy the following features through the app.



You can use LINE@ accounts to send batch messages to users who have friended your account. In addition, a message reservation feature is available on both the smartphone and PC versions of LINE@, and you will be able to time when messages are sent according to your event or promotional schedule※.

※LINE@ does not allow account holders to make requests for app downloads or to send direct links to the App Store or Google Play. In addition, users are also required to abide by the LINE@ Guidelines ( http://at.line.me/en/guideline )  

1-on-1 Chats

You can also receive individual messages from users who have friended your LINE@ account, after which you will be able to engage in a 1-on-1 chat with such users. You can also disable the 1-on-1 Chat feature from the settings if you wish※.

※Only the 1st message must be sent by the friending user. Once the first message has been received, the LINE@ account user can then send new messages as they wish. 

Timeline/Home Page Posts

Along with push message sending, account holders can also enjoy making posts to user Timelines and Home pages. Posted content will be displayed on the Timelines of LINE users who have friended your LINE@ account. Moreover, an option is also available to have message content simultaneously posted to Timelines when sent.

Account Pages

The LINE app allows users to create their own Home pages. Easily create and post information as you would on a website, including notices and event notifications, new updates and anything else related to the account.

Statistical Information

See information such as daily added friends, block rates, and responses to Timeline posts.


In addition, one account can have multiple administrators, and you can assign new administrators by having an existing administrator invite the new member. After a member receives the relevant invitation, they can log in to the LINE@ app to automatically become an administrator.


As an additional reminder, the LINE@ differs from the LINE app itself in that the following features are unavailable.

・Group Chats

・Free Calls/Video Calls

・Sharing Contacts, etc.



2. LINE@ for PC

The LINE@ for PC admin page ( https://admin-official.line.me/ ) is also available for business owners and sole proprietors who wish to utilize the full functionality of the LINE@ service※4.

※4 The PC version supports 17 languages: Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Portuguese (Brazil/Portugal), Russian, Spanish, and Thai


The LINE@ for PC admin page features all the LINE@ app-version features, along with the additional bonus features shown below.


PR Page

Easily create and send rich data, coupons, and other materials difficult to provide in just one message. Users can create one-time use coupons, raffle tickets, and more.

Research Page

This feature allows you to create user participation-focused content, such as questionnaires and polls. Enjoy being able to survey products and services, obtain information on user attributes like age and gender, and more.

Statistical Information

View information on daily user number changes, response to Timeline posts, and more. You can also download numerical data in CSV format based on selected time period as well.




3. Pricing Plans and Options

LINE@ offers the option to subscribe to a free or paid plan.


Free plan users can send up to 1,000 messages (1 message = 1 speech balloon) per month. For a monthly fee of USD50.0 paid plan users can send up to 50,000 (1 message = 1 speech balloon) per month, with each additional message after the first 50,000 charged at a rate of USD0.01 per message. Paid plan users can enjoy sending rich messages (image-based messages containing links) as well.


4. Security

As with LINE, LINE@ prohibits the use of its services for relationship-seeking or encounters with the opposite sex, as well as any other uses that infringe upon the standards of morality and decency. Therefore, the service comes with a Block feature that allows users to block messages from other users, as well as a Report feature for reporting suspicious activity to LINE management, when necessary.




Supported devices: iPhone and Android

Cost: Free-to-use

Supported regions: Global (Except for China)

Supported languages: Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Portuguese (Brazil/Portugal), Russian, Spanish, and Thai

Operator: LINE Corporation

Copyright: (C)LINE Corporation

Official Website http://at.line.me/en/

App Store     https://itunes.apple.com/app/id958585781

Google Play  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.linecorp.lineat.android

※Search "LINEat" in the App Store or Google Play to find the app.