【Corporate Announcement】Announcement of "LINE Bug Bounty Program" Results

2015.11.02 Corporate

14 New Bugs Reported by 7 Participants Officially Recognized


Tokyo, Japan - November 2, 2015 - LINE Corporation, announced the results of its LINE Bug Bounty Program, which was held from August 24 to September 23, 2015 and offered rewards to users who reported vulnerabilities they discovered in the iPhone and Android versions of the LINE app.

LINE already implements stringent security measures, such as testing the security of new releases via a dedicated security team and engaging internal and external experts to address potential application vulnerabilities. With the addition of the user-reported LINE Bug Bounty Program, LINE aims to provide an even more safe and secure user experience.

Please visit the following page for more details about the program: http://linecorp.com/en/security/bugbounty/


Out of approximately 200*1 submissions from around the world, 14 newly-reported bugs from 7 participants were inducted into the Hall of Fame after being verified by LINE. The bugs included client-side remote code execution, and cross-site request forgeries. All bugs inducted into the Hall of Fame were announced on LINE Corporation's official website at the following URL https://linecorp.com/en/security/bugbounty/halloffame/.

*1 Due to lack of more specific information, this number includes general bug related inquiries fielded by the application office.



Additionally, 11 participants who submitted reports on issues found outside the scope of the program made significant contributions towards improving LINE's services, and have been recognized on the above page.


All bugs reported during this program have been already fixed. We recommend that all of our users upgrade to the latest version of LINE.


LINE Corporation will continue to take any measures possible to protect user privacy and strengthen its security measures in order to ensure the safest and most secure user experience possible.