【Corporate Announcement】LINE Enlists Users' Help to Increase Service Stability Through New "LINE Bug Bounty Program"

2015.08.05 Corporate Announcement

Enhanced Security Measures and "Security and Privacy" Page Also Implemented


Tokyo, Japan - August 5, 2015 - LINE Corporation, owner and operator of the free call and messaging app LINE, announced the start of its "LINE Bug Bounty Program," which offers rewards to users who report vulnerabilities they discover in the iPhone and Android versions of the LINE app. The program will run from August 24 to September 23, 2015.


With the kickoff of this program, LINE's corporate website (http://linecorp.com/en/ )has undergone improvements among which include the addition of a new "Security and Privacy" page ( http://linecorp.com/en/security/ ). The new page will be used to post information about LINE's enhanced security measures, as well as security reports.


LINE already implements stringent security measures, such as testing the security of new releases via a dedicated security team and engaging internal and external experts to address potential application vulnerabilities. With the addition of the user-reported "LINE Bug Bounty Program," LINE aims to provide an even more safe and secure user experience. Systems which offer rewards to users for reporting security vulnerabilities have been widely adopted by major IT firms across the globe as a cutting edge security measure, allowing them to quickly discover and patch vulnerabilities in order to provide more stable service.


The "LINE Bug Bounty Program" will be held from noon on August 24 to noon on September 23 (GMT+9), and will offer users rewards if they report security vulnerabilities which are later confirmed and investigated by LINE Corporation. Rewards will range from USD 500 to USD 20,000 depending on the severity of the bug reported. Rewards will be awarded to users once the vulnerability has been patched and the bug and reporter's name have been publicly announced. Users who report bugs that LINE Corporation is already aware of will not be given a reward. Additionally, the scope of this program will be limited to version 5.2 or higher of the LINE app. Bugs reported for other LINE family apps or services are ineligible for the Bug Bounty Program.

Please visit the following page for more details: http://linecorp.com/en/security/bugbounty/


As mentioned above, LINE has also updated their corporate website (http://linecorp.com/en/ ), adding a new "Security and Privacy" page at the following URL: http://linecorp.com/en/security/. This new page contains LINE's Privacy Policy, security team information and current safeguards, instructions for users on how they can use LINE's services more securely, as well as reports regarding patched vulnerabilities and other important information.


LINE Corporation will continue to take any measures possible to protect user privacy and strengthen its security measures in order to ensure the safest and most secure user experience possible.