【LINE】LINE, the Pioneer of Stickers, Officially Launches Keyboard App “Emoji LINE”

2015.06.17 LINE App

Over 3,000 New Stickers and emoji for Free and Available to Enhance Digital Communication and Offer a Glimpse of the LINE Universe


Tokyo, Japan – June 17, 2015 - LINE Corporation, owner and operator of the free messaging app LINE, announced today the official launch of Emoji LINE, a supplemental sticker and emoji keyboard app for iOS keyboard. Globally available on iOS except in Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan, Emoji LINE is a free keyboard app offering over 3,000 fresh content, comprised of over 2,000 LINE animated stickers, regular stickers, and emoji, previously only available on LINE messenger. 


Emoji line Users that download Emoji LINE are given instant access to over 2,000 LINE stickers, animated stickers, and emoji. Users can unlock and gain unlimited, free access to over 700 premium LINE stickers and emoji by downloading and signing up for the LINE app. This high quality full set enables more dynamic and lively digital communication with loved ones and friends, helping users express every emotion imaginable. 


Emoji LINE users will not only be able to utilize LINE stickers and emoji, but also gain a glimpse into the expansive LINE universe. The simplified version for iPhone brings the LINE experience to users, where they can meet original LINE characters Brown, Cony, Moon, and James in sticker and emoji form, while giving insight into five emoji artists’ work for LINE’s extensive Emoji Dictionary. The ever-growing LINE Emoji collection is the first of its kind and currently utilizes the different styles of eleven artists to translate and illustrate more than 6,000 objects, situations, feelings, reactions, activities, and places into engaging and emotive emoji for daily communication. 


“We hand-picked the best from more than 40,000 sticker sets and 6,000 emoji in the LINE app to be included in our new Emoji LINE keyboard app,” said Takeshi Idezawa, CEO of LINE Corporation.   “We’re committed to providing our growing creative and passionate community with the ultimate interactive communication experience. The launch of the Emoji LINE keyboard app will usher in transition from data-based to emotion-based communication. With LINE Dictionary’s unmatchable variety, these stickers and emoji can become the universal language of communication. No matter what language a person uses or what literacy level they have, they can share what they think and feel with others around the world. To prove that point, our characters have been extremely popular worldwide, and hopefully this will help to widen our fan base.”


With hundreds of new characters and unique expressions, Emoji LINE offers a look into LINE’s literal universe of stickers and emoji, which illustrate every emotion imaginable. As part of LINE’s global “LIFE Platform” strategy, in which the company aspires to become a platform for everyday life, Emoji LINE is a fun, easy-to-use family app with useful content which we hope will become an integral part of modern people’s lives. 


Overview of App

App name: Emoji LINE 

Supported Devices: iPhone

Supported Languages: English, Spanish, Spanish (Latin America)

Supported Regions: Global except Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan 

Product Details: 10 LINE sticker packages (4 animated + 6 regular sticker sets), 8 LINE emoji packages, and 5 basic Apple emoji sets. Total of 18 free LINE packages available. Users can unlock over 1,000 stickers & emoji by downloading LINE.

Cost: Free

URL: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id990903485