[LINE GAME]Announcing the Release of LINE Sweets, the Map-Based Puzzle Game!

2014.10.02 Game

Brown, Cony, and the Rest of the Gang are Back, This Time in All-New 3D Style!
Get Rid of the Sweets the Characters Want and Aim for the High Score!

Tokyo, Japan – October 2, 2014 – LINE Corporation, owner and operator of the free call and messaging app LINE, today announced the release of LINE Sweets (available for free on iPhone and Android devices), a map-based puzzle game, as a new addition to its LINE GAME service.

 01_Main_Title_Image_en  02_Chatacter_Sweets

LINE Sweets is a map-based puzzle game that features 6 LINE characters, including Brown, Cony, and Moon, in a total of 24 different 3D designs. Along with building strategies to eliminate blocks and clear missions, players can enjoy the lovely world of sweets galore and the way in which the LINE characters’ expressions and movements change as the game progresses.

03_Stage_Map_en 04_Stage_Mission_en 05_FeverTime_b 06_Character_en_b

Players aim to clear the missions set for each stage by lining up 3 or more blocks of the same kind of sweet to eliminate them. The different LINE characters, all crucial to gaining a high score, can be obtained using the Gacha or through clearing stages in specific ways, and up to 4 characters can be used per stage. Each character has a unique skill, such as activating bombs able to eliminate more blocks, greatly increasing the total score, and more, which are activated by eliminating each character’s favorite sweets block during the game. In addition, players can achieve even higher scores by activating fever mode, achieved when they eliminate 4 or more of a character’s favorite sweets block.

The scores that LINE friends achieve will be shown for each stage, so players can battle their friends for the title of high score.

Even more stages, characters, and additional features are planned to be added in subsequent updates.

LINE Sweets
Supported devices: iPhone and Android
Supported languages: Chinese (Traditional), English, Japanese, Thai
Supported regions: Global (excluding Korea)
Service begins: October 2, 2014
Cost: Free-to-play (offers in-app purchases)
Developer: JOYMAX
Operator: LINE Corporation
Copyright: © JOYMAX CO., LTD. All rights reserved.

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