[LINE GAME]LINE Stage Released, Bringing Rhythm to LINE GAME

2014.09.19 Game

Tap and Flick Along with the Rhythm to Rocket the LINE Characters’ Pop Group “Stagees” to the Top of the Charts!

Tokyo, Japan – September 18, 2014 – LINE Corporation, owner and operator of the free call and messaging app LINE, today announced the global release of LINE Stage, a new rhythm game for the LINE GAME platform, available on both iPhone and Android devices.


LINE Stage marks LINE GAME’s debut into the rhythm game genre, and players of all backgrounds will tap and flick the character button at the top of the screen in time with the song to clear stages. Brown, Cony, Sally, and the other LINE characters have stars in their eyes and are aiming for the top with their newly formed super-group called the Stagees, and the story of their growth into superstars will captivate players as they progress through the game.

There is a total of almost 50 songs, including 11 catchy Stagees originals1. Each song can be played in 3 modes based on difficulty—Rookie, Veteran, and Master—offering a gaming experience that both children and adults alike can enjoy.

ストーリー画像_01  ストーリー画像_02

As the Stagees prepare for their star-filled debut, the nefarious Carl decides to betray his friends and run off with the song they all poured their hearts into making. This almost forces the remaining Stagees—Brown, Cony, Leonard, and Sally—to cancel their long-awaited debut performance. In the midst of their hopelessness, the legendary Rhythm Fairy appears to guide them back on to the road towards super-stardom, helping them to eventually wow audiences with their debut song “Hello Friends.” Advance through the stages and watch the Stagees perform in venues around the world as they become the next big thing!

map_en  game_en

The game controls consist of tapping and flicking in four directions, and players will have to use a variety of motions—including using one or two hands, flicking in specific directions, and tapping repeatedly—in time with the rhythm of the song to progress through the game. The various LINE characters that can be selected for each stage can be leveled up by using Coins and change into an eclectic selection of 40 costumes that will enhance their abilities and give the player a chance at even higher scores.

In Battle Mode players can face off against their LINE friends and compete for the highest score.

character_1_en  costume_2_en

More stages, limited edition character costumes, and songs are planned to be added regularly. 

LINE Stage Promotional Video

LINE Stage
Supported devices: iPhone and Android
Supported languages: Chinese (Traditional), English, Japanese, Thai
Supported regions: Global (excluding Korea)
Service begins: September 18, 2014
Cost: Free-to-play (offers in-app purchases)
Developer: LINE Plus Corporation
Operator: LINE Corporation
Copyright: © LINE Plus Corp.

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1:Selectable songs differ for each stage.