[LINE] LINE Celebrates Third Anniversary. LINE and Family Apps Top One Billion Total Downloads Worldwide

2014.06.24 LINE App

Tokyo, Japan – June 24, 2014 – LINE Corporation, owner and operator of the free call and messaging app LINE, today announced that the service reached its third anniversary yesterday, June 23. The total number of downloads around the world for LINE and LINE family apps topped one billion on June 21.

Since beginning service as a free messenger app on June 23, 2011, LINE significantly expanded the features offered through the app by adding free calls and stickers in October of the same year, attracting new users from around the world. LINE has continued to add new features in order to offer its users a better communication experience, adding video calls and “LINE Premium Call”, a feature that allows users to make domestic and international phone calls to landlines and mobile phones at highly affordable rates. LINE celebrated its third anniversary yesterday, and the service has grown to include over 470 million users worldwide.


The service has also taken advantage of its extensive user base and high usage rate to propel the development of the LINE platform which offers a series of family apps fully integrated with LINE, covering needs for communication, digital content, game, tools, media and more. The platform currently offers 63 services*1, including the camera app “LINE camera”, the online avatar community “LINE PLAY”, and the gaming service “LINE GAME”.


Every family app is fully integrated with LINE, offering users the chance to communicate with the people they care about. The services also take full advantage of the connections offered through LINE, adding another layer of enjoyment to the apps and attracting new users along the way. As of June 21, the total number of downloads for LINE and LINE family apps reached 1 billion. In addition to the LINE app, 14 family apps have achieved over 10 million downloads, with LINE camera standing out with 90 million downloads. The apps offered through the gaming service LINE GAME are popular with users around the world, with LINE POP recording over 43 million downloads, and a total of nine titles breaking the 10 million mark.


Apps With Over 10 Million Downloads*2

LINE will continue to lead the world’s mobile market as a global communication platform, and enrich the lives of each and every user with the active addition of new services and further global expansion.

*1:The number of services currently offered on the platform as of June 23, 2014.
*2:Excluding LINE and LINE PLAY (Only the number of registered users is disclosed.)
*3: Only available in Japan.