[LINE] 10,000 New LINE@ Business Accounts Registered in Under Two Weeks Since Releasing New Features and Payment Plans

2014.06.03 LINE App

ver 40,000 Accounts Registered in Total With an 1800% Increase in Registrations Made Through the Official Site

Tokyo, Japan – June 3, 2014 – LINE Corporation, owner and operator of the free call and messaging app LINE, today announced that the number of new registrations for its business account service LINE@ reached 10,000 on May 28, less than two weeks since the service unveiled new features and payment plans on May 16. A total of over 40,000 LINE@ accounts have been created as of June 2. 

LINE@ is a platform which offers businesses such as restaurants, clothiers, salons, hotels, and others the chance to use LINE to promote themselves to consumers online in order to spur in-store sales. 

Based on the ideal that every store in Japan will eventually be connected via LINE@, the service released a set of new features such as “LINE Store Page” and “LINE Store Chat” along with new payment plans that include a no-cost version of the service on May 16.*1 The number of new account registrations reached 10,000 on May 28, less than two weeks since these additions were unveiled. An overwhelming number of businesses responded positively to the changes, and the number of registrations made through the LINE@ official website ( http://at.line.me ) increased by an average of 1800% per day.*2

In addition to retailers, restaurants, salons and other early adopters of LINE@, the service has seen a rise in applications from car sharing clubs, veterinarian clinics, and other services related to daily life, in addition to medical and welfare institutions such as massage therapists, chiropractors, and dentists. The new features have elicited a positive response from a broader range of service sectors than ever before.

LINE@ reached a total of 40,000 accounts registered as of June 2, a year and half since beginning service in December 2012. The number of businesses using LINE@ to connect with users through everything from delivering coupons and sale information to responding to message boards and other customer inquiries is on the rise, steadily expanding the service’s sphere of economic influence.

LINE@ seeks to serve as an infrastructure that deepens the connections between people, businesses, and entire regions, bridging the gap between online costumers and in-store sales.

*1:Please see the press release published when the new features and payment plans were released for more details.
*2:Compared with figures from before the new features and payment plans were released.