[LINE GAME] Closing of LINE GAME Titles and Information on Refunds

2014.06.03 Game

Updated on June 6
There has been a delay in part of the preparations for the repayment proceedings, and the refund application process scheduled to start on June 9 has been postponed. LINE would like to issue an apology to all of the players affected by this delay.

Users will be notified of when the refund application process will start via this site sometime in June.

Updated on June 12
The postponed application process for repayment will resume at 3 pm on June 16 (GMT+9). We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and ask for your continued patience.


Tokyo, Japan - June 2, 2014 - LINE Corporation, owner and operator of the free call and messaging app LINE, announced that some of its game titles operating under the LINE GAME service closed at 3 pm today (GMT+9).

Through this decision, LINE GAME hopes to focus its resources on titles that are enjoying greater growth in order to further propel the service as a global gaming platform.

Along with the closure of the service, all remaining purchased points will be refunded to users according to Japanese law (Article 20, Section 1 of the Act on Settlement of Funds).r.

We would like to thank all players for their support over the years. LINE GAME will continue to work towards providing more fun and exciting games for the enjoyment of all players. We appreciate your understanding over this decision.

The games that have closed and the in-app currencies that will be refunded  are as follows.

List of Closed Games and Means of Advanced Payment (Paid Points) Refundable
Balance of paid points unused as of June 2, 2014 will be refunded.

GameRefundable Paid Points
LINE Paladog Gems
LINE Touch Touch Coins
LINE Elgard Diamonds
LINE Neko Copter Medals
LINE IceQpick Gold, Qpicks
LINE Birzzle Coins
LINE Birzzle Plus Coins
LINE Birzzle Friends Gems, Coins
LINE AirPenguin Friends Fish
LINE Twinbee Sapphires
LINE Slimeshot Gems, Medals
LINE DROP Spirit Catcher   Rubies
LINE Dash Girl Rubies, Coins
LINE Fly! ANIMAL Rubies, Gold
LINE MapleStory Village Leaves, Gold
LINE Fluffy Diver Topazes, Clams
LINE Let’s Golf Gems, Coins
LINE Patapoko Animal
LINE cartoon wars

Issuer of Means for Advance Payment
LINE Corporation

How to Apply for Repayment
For LINE Birzzle and Birzzle Plus
1. Access the Problem Report Form using the link found in the refund application form (https://refund.line.me/?lang=en). Enter your reply email and customer code, and send your inquiry to us.
2. Our customer support team will contact you with the information that we need. Please reply with your answers.

For All Other Titles
1. Access the refund application form (https://refund.line.me/) and log in using your LINE account information (email address and password). Please note that the repayment application form is designed to be accessed from a PC browser, and may not display correctly on smartphone browsers.
2. Select the title you wish to apply for a refund for, and check the balance displayed.
3. Enter your bank account information and submit your application. If there is no refundable amount, the form to enter your bank account information will not be displayed.

Period Repayment Applications are Accepted
From 3 pm on June 16, 2014 until 3 pm on August 31, 2014 (GMT+9).
If your repayment application is not received within the above time period, then you will be excluded from the repayment proceedings.

Repayment Method
After the required paperwork has been filed by LINE Corporation, the remaining balance of the advance payment will be submitted in Japanese Yen via bank transfer to the bank account designated by the customer.

Remittance fees such as bank transfer fees, both domestic and international, will be the sole responsibility of LINE Corporation. In the case of international remittances, other fees such as receipt fees, brokerage fees, and foreign exchange fees will not be the responsibility of LINE Corporation. Thank you for your understanding.

Help Center
Contact Form

Please Note
- Processing of repayments will begin after applications have stopped being accepted (from September 1, 2014, GMT+9).
- If the same customer submits an application concerning the same amount of currency multiple times, the information in the most recent application will be used.
- As was indicated in the notice posted before the service closed, repayments cannot be made to customers who used Guest Login as their identity cannot be verified. We thank you for your understanding.
- Purchase data for LINE Patapoko Animal and LINE cartoon wars are not stored on LINE Corporation's servers, and LINE's responsibilities as a service provider ends at the point of purchase, so these two titles are excluded from the repayment proceedings. We thank you for your kind understanding.