[LINE] LINE Creators Market Opens Worldwide, Users Can Create & Sell Their Own Stickers

2014.04.18 LINE App

After Passing Review, Stickers Can be Sold in Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand
Support for More Countries and Regions Planned

Tokyo, Japan – April 17, 2014 – LINE Corporation, owner and operator of the free call and messaging app LINE, today announced the opening of the LINE Creators Market (http://creator.line.me), a platform which lets LINE users register as creators to create and sell their own stickers.


LINE stickers were first offered on October 6, 2011, and let LINE users express a wide variety of emotions in LINE chats. They feature original LINE characters and over 500 other globally popular characters, providing a wide variety of rich illustrations for users to express themselves with. LINE stickers have entrenched themselves as a new way of communication in the smartphone age.

LINE Creators Market will let users*1 the world over create and sell their own LINE stickers. Starting from today, users can access the LINE Creators Market website (http://creator.line.me) and register as a creator and also register their original stickers. The review process for stickers will also start today, and stickers that pass will begin their sales starting from May. Stickers that pass the review process will be available for sale through the LINE Web Store*2, and can be purchased by users in Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand. There are plans to expand the LINE Web Store into more countries and regions in the future. One set of 40 stickers made on the LINE Creators Market will go on sale for JPY 100, 50% of which is distributed to the creator*3.

LINE will further be able to answer the needs of users through the sale of stickers made by creators worldwide, and hopes to further speed up its global expansion by offering even more localized stickers.

*1:Any user can register as a creator as long as they have a LINE account, whether they are an individual or a company.
*2:The LINE Web Store is an online store accessible through smartphone or PC browsers that sells content for use in LINE (stickers, themes, etc.) and in-game currency for LINE GAME titles.
*3:Income tax withholdings are deducted from the amount of receivable income distributed to creators . Tax rates may vary depending on the country of the creator and purchaser.