[LINE] LINE KIDS VIDEO, a Streaming Service for Children, Coming to iPhones

2014.03.21 LINE App

Over 1,500 High-Quality Videos Selected by LINE, Free and Paid Plans Available
Service Aims to Provide a Safe Environment for Children and Foster Responsible Smartphone Usage


Tokyo, Japan – March 20, 2014 – LINE Corporation, owner and operator of the free call and messaging app LINE, today announced the impending release of LINE KIDS VIDEO, a video streaming service targeted towards children, for iPhone devices. 
The smartphone boom of recent years has given young children an increasing number of chances to experience media ranging from games and apps to digital video content, straight from smartphones or tablets. Along with this, the demand for streaming video apps has increased, and many of these apps are being used to help educate and raise children. 


Along with this, there are increased risks of accidental exposure to violent or inappropriate content, as well as internet addiction and other health problems that may impede a child’s healthy growth.


With all of these factors in mind, LINE has set out to make the LINE KIDS VIDEO service, which is aimed towards children of ages 1 through 6 and their caretakers. The service puts the safety and health of children at the forefront, and will provide safe content that can be enjoyed by children and their parents alike at an affordable price. The iPhone version of the app will be released shortly, with an Android release being planned for spring of 2014. 


LINE is on track to becoming one of the leading communication platforms of the world, and through LINE KIDS VIDEO the company hopes to encourage communication between parents and their children, helping deepen the bonds between them. LINE also hopes to actively educate both parents and children on responsible smartphone usage and netiquette. 


1. Safe content – 28 titles and over 1,500 high quality videos
LINE has carefully selected 28 titles with over 1,500 videos, featuring popular characters and series such as Doraemon, Pokemon, and Pretty Cure. Also included are shows that can be enjoyed by both children and parents, such as Super Sentai series Kamen Rider Den-O and Engine Sentai Go-onger, foreign cartoons Powerpuff Girls and Spongebob Squarepants, and Moomin and Anne of Green Gables. Other popular series that encourage learning such as CatChat English Kids and Thomas the Tank Engine are also included, providing a robust and rich lineup for the launch of the service. The available titles will continue to grow, starting with the release of Shimajiro Hesoka.
2. Affordable prices – free viewing based on a timer system or 2 paid plans for unlimited viewing
Usage plans for all types of viewers are available, including a free plan based on a timer system and 2 affordable paid plans.


Timer System
This system is designed to let viewers watch up to 40 minutes of video per day, ensuring that children can only watch one episode each day. Users can watch videos for the amount of time indicated on the timer, and 5 minutes every 8 hours, or 15 minutes a day, are recharged automatically. Users can also ask their LINE friends for more viewing time and receive up to 15 more minutes per day.


LINE Choice Unlimited Viewing Plan
For JPY 500 a month users can choose to view 300 episodes selected each month by LINE as many times as they like. The episodes on offer are changed each month.


Unlimited Program Viewing Plan
Viewers can choose one program and watch an unlimited amount of episodes for JPY 400 per month.


3. Safety management – designed to provide security and foster responsible use
In order to ensure safe and proper use by children, a child lock feature is provided to prevent children from using the app at any time, as well as a viewing time history that lets users manage the amount of time the service can be used.
Reference – lineup of video content (Alphabetical order)
A Dog of Flanders, Anne of Green Gables, Astro Boy, CatChat English Kids, Chuggington, Doraemon Collection, Engine Sentai Go-onger, Hamtaro, Hanakappa, Ikimono, Inazuma Eleven GO, Kamen Rider Den-O, Learn with Thomas! With Thomas Series, LINE TOWN, Little Battlers Experience, Moomin, Norimono, NHK Kids Selection: NHK Okaasan to Issho New Songbook “Kimi ni Aeta Kara”, 2007-2008 NHN Okaasan to Issho Family Concert Tomodachi Hajimete Hajimete!, Eigo de Asobou SingALittleSong!, 2009-2010 Inaiinaiba! Konnichiha! Rattantan, 2007-2008 Puchi Puchi Anime Knyack!, Oshiri Kajiri Mushi Pokemon X and Y, Pretty Cure, Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream, Powerpuff Girls, Rascal the Racoon, Spongebob Squarepants, Tamagotchi, Thomas the Tank Engine, Tomika Play Rail, Ukkari Penelope