[LINE GAME] LINE GAME Releases Bakery Simulation Set in a Forest of Fairy Tales “LINE FairyWoods Patisserie”

2014.02.22 Game

Complete Fairy Tales by Baking Cakes, Collecting Recipes, and Building the Perfect Bakery


Tokyo, Japan – February 21, 2014 – LINE Corporation, owner and operator of the free call and messaging app LINE, today announced the release of LINE FairyWoods Patisserie, a free pastry chef simulation game for iPhone and Android, available through its LINE GAME service. 
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 “LINE FairyWoods Patisserie” is a restaurant simulation that lets users experience firsthand the thrill of running their own pastry shop in the middle of a fairy tale forest brimming with friendly animals. Players build their customer base and increase the size of their shop while acquiring recipes for chocolate cake, baumkuchen, and other confectionary delights in order to bake and sell them. Fairy Woods offers complete control over the interior layout, including tables and counters, allowing players to create the perfect shop for their customers.
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Another interesting aspect of the game is the quest feature. Players complete quests they receive from characters straight out of fairy tales in order to earn puzzle pieces. Collecting all the pieces completes a storybook, and the user is rewarded with an item or in-game currency they can use to help further their progress in the game.


The game also takes advantage of the features offered on the LINE platform, adding another layer of fun by giving users the ability to vie for best pastry shop in weekly rankings and visit friends’ shops to acquire useful in-game items.

LINE FairyWoods Patisserie
Supported devices: iPhone and Android
Supported languages: English, Chinese (Traditional), Thai, Korean, Spanish, Japanese
Supported regions: Global (Except for China)
Service begins: February 21, 2014
Cost: Free-to-play (paid items available)
Developer: MobCrete、Inc.
Operator: LINE Corporation
Copyright: ©2014 MobCrete, Inc., All Rights Reserved


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