[LINE GAME] Side-Scroller LINE Cookie Run Hops Out of the Oven and Onto LINE GAME

2014.01.30 Game

Control an Exciting Collection of Cookies and Escape from the Evil Witch’s Oven

Tokyo, Japan – January 30, 2014 – LINE Corporation, owner and operator of the free call and messaging app LINE, announced the release of LINE Cookie Run, a free side-scrolling game for iPhone and Android, available through its LINE GAME service.

トップ画面   プレイ画面


Players control a variety of cookies in an attempt to escape from the evil witch’s oven in this side-scrolling action game. Using simple controls, players jump and slide to avoid obstacles and collect the Coins and Jellies that are scattered throughout the game to get a high score.


As the cookie runs across the screen, players tap the left to jump or the right to slide. If the cookie hits any obstacles during the stage, its energy will go down, and if it reaches zero, it’s game over. Potions that grant special advantages are scattered throughout the game, and players can grab them to restore their energy, become invincible temporarily, or even become a giant cookie. These potions and other items let the cookies run farther and give the player even more points.


Collecting the 9 letters that appear throughout the game spells out BONUS TIME and starts a special mode where players can get a bunch of Coins and Jellies that boost their score even more.

巨大化   ボーナス

At release there are 15 cookie characters, and players can choose the one that best fits their preferences. There are also 20 pets available like the Cheeseberry and Lucky Dice that generate special items periodically as the cookie runs.

クッキー選択   クッキー詳細

Players can interact with their LINE friends by competing in weekly rankings and sending lives, which are needed to play the game, to each other. 


A promo movie showcasing LINE Cookie Run has also been released on LINE GAME’s official YouTube account. Check it out!
URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGiOkL87b-o

LINE Cookie Run
Supported devices: iPhone and Android
Supported languages: English, Japanese, Taiwanese, Thai, Spanish
Supported regions: Global (Except Korea)
Service begins: January 29, 2014
Cost: Free-to-play (paid items available)
Developer: Devsisters Corp.
Operator: LINE Corporation
© 2014 Devsisters Corp., All Rights Reserved


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