LINE Friends Pop-Up Stores

Some people might be lucky enough to run into one of our LINE Friends pop-up stores that appear in some of the most famous locations around the world. The popular LINE characters from the app are featured on a wide collection of products and all kinds of interesting events provide an experience you won’t soon forget! LINE Friends pop-up stores will continue to sprout up around the world in places like China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, and more!

LINE Friends Stores

Thanks to the overwhelming popularity of the pop-up stores, new shops have been opened where you can meet your favorite LINE Friends any time! Check out the shops in Myeongdong, Korea and Taipei, Taiwan to say hello!

LINE Theme Parks

All the LINE Friends are waiting to help you make unforgettable memories at the LINE Theme Park. You’ll never want to leave!

Propose merchandising and distribution of, collaboration with, and offline stores and events featuring the LINE Friends, LINE’s character brand.

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